giovedì 5 febbraio 2015


1983. A fascinating and enigmatic American intelligence agent: Clay Nathan Hobbs, codenamed Blue Shadow, involves the nurse Leila Lane in a daring adventure in Europe on the trail of an agent of the KGB, Egor Vinogradov, who has a big account settle with him. The appearance on the scene of a third woman, the secret agent Rebecca Doyle, will complicate relations between the protagonists. The trio will have to hold off the feelings to foil a plot devised by the Soviet espionage and the threat of nuclear war.

Francesca Rossini published an ebook that is part of the anthology 'Storie d'estate' (Nativi Digitali) . She has always had a passion for writing and drawing, and wrote stories on various electronic plattaforms and illustrated fairy tales for his pupils. Avid reader ofnovels of action and adventure, with plots full of intrigue and danger, now she decided to write her debut novel: Phoenix. PARROT operation. (lettere animate)

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