giovedì 30 luglio 2015

phoenix operation parrot

I'am proud to announce it: the English version of Phoenix is 

ready in the best online stores! I am so glad, this is a big 

challenge for me and for my novel!
Anthony Mazzorana thanks for your translation , good luck to both!

Book description:

Leila's life will be thrown off kilter by her encounter with Clay, who will reveal himself to be a secret agent. She will end up becoming involved in a clandestine operation of international import that could compromise the political balance of the entire world. Leila will cross continents, endangering her own life, but most of all fighting against the attraction she feels toward her fascinating adventure companion.
Francesca Rossini tells us a proper spy story involving international intrigue, abductions, and fragile balances of power, accompanied by themes from other genres such as courtship, love, and the meeting of two opposite worlds which inevitably attract one another, at least on an emotional level. As a novel with a specific historical setting, the plot also projects the reader into the variegated and changing world of the time, beginning with the very concept of family, where we begin to get acquainted with the idea of a woman finding herself alone due to a failed relationship, often with one or more children to care for, and who rolls up her sleeves to carry on with pride and, most of all, dignity. Leila fully embodies the modern woman who does not hold back from pursuing what is good and just, and who manages to find personal strengths that, in certain situations, she didn't even know she possessed. As a backdrop we find the boisterous America of the 1980s with all of its myths and contradictions.

Author's biography:

Francesca Rossini is an elementary school teacher. She lives in Manziana, a small, verdant town in the Province of Rome.
She has published a story as an ebook with Nativi Digitali edizioni, included in the anthology Storie d'estate.
She is an avid reader and loves action-adventure books with plots full of intrigue and danger. She has always nurtured her passion for writing and drawing, having written stories in various formats, as well as fairy tales with illustrations for her students.
Phoenix: Operation PARROT is her first novel.

1983. A fascinating and enigmatic American intelligence agent: Clay Nathan Hobbs, codenamed Blue Shadow, involves the nurse Leila Lane in a daring adventure in Europe on the trail of an agent of the KGB, Egor Vinogradov, who has a big account settle with him. The appearance on the scene of a third woman, the secret agent Rebecca Doyle, will complicate relations between the protagonists. The trio will have to hold off the feelings to foil a plot devised by the Soviet espionage and the threat of nuclear war.
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Secondary Genre: Romance

So....The english version of my first novel Phoenix is finally 
out! I cannot explain what i'm feeling, it's such a great 
moment and I m very proud!

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